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Zombies, Run! 5K – Week Two Review

I just finished “Week Two” of the Zombies, Run! 5K program. I’ve actually only been doing the program for one week. The first week (which you can read about here) was pretty easy, so I didn’t feel like I needed to take the days off that Doctor Myers (the character leading the runs) suggested I take. Instead, I dove right into week two.

Each day in week two consisted of:

  • 10 minutes of walking
  • 30 seconds of running, 5 heel lifts, 1.5 minutes of walking – 5 times
  • 10 minute free form run (walk or run)

The story is what keeps me going. Each run ends up being about 40 minutes long, but I always find myself wanting to go longer. I am enjoying the different characters that keep joining me for my runs. It seems that almost every day I am running with someone new. I was also pleased to make it outside of the base. I was getting a little bit worried that all of my training would happen inside of the base, and what fun would that be? The point is to run from zombies.

I’ve started looking at the online component of the app. If you go to the Zombies, Run! website, you can see exactly how far you have run each day and combined. If you enter your weight, it will also give you a rough estimate of ┬ácalories burned, as well.

However, I have been having a few minor problems with the app. Sometimes the app has just decided not to play my music anymore. If I exit out of the app and put new music in, I can pick up where I left off, but my online maps become disjointed and things don’t add up correctly. It seems to be happening every other day. At first I thought it was because there was something wrong with the playlist I selected, but then it started happening to playlists that have worked in the past.

There was also a problem when Sam went crazy during one of my sessions. The story audio completely disappeared. I was still doing the 30 seconds of running bit, so I just kept running for awhile. I kept thinking to myself that this is a really long 30 seconds. I exited out the app and tried again, but it seemed to freeze in the same spot. On my third attempt I decided to just keep going without the story, but the audio eventually came back after about a song and a half.

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Zombies, Run! – Week One Review

Two things I hate: zombies and running. Who knew that putting them together would totally rock my world?

Zombies, Run!

When I first heard about Zombies, Run!, I thought it was probably the coolest running app available. I hadn’t actually planned on learning to run, but a few days ago I was telling my brother about how cool the app sounded. It was at that point that I realized that I had to try it. I found out that the company had also released a 5k learn to run version. Within ten minutes I had borrowed some workout gear from my mom and was hitting the park trails.

The app adds an extra dimension to each run. You get to run, listen to your own music, and get an extra push from the radio controller. I also really like the feature that tracks where you have run. I know most running apps probably do this too, but this is the first one I’ve used. I used to follow routes with my car afterwards so I would know how far I was running. So far I have just been training to avoid zombies, so we will see how I do once zombies actually get into the mix.

The first day was just a free form run with an introduction to the story. I was surprised at how involved it was. I arrived at Abel township via helicopter and started running towards the base. I think the first day of the regular Zombies, Run! and the Zombies, Run! 5K are the same.

The next day, I surprised myself by moving my schedule around so that I could fit a run in. Although, I am using the term “run” quite loosely. Since I’m starting with the learn to run app there isn’t much running going on so far.

Week One consists of three workouts (not including the introduction). Each day has the same system. I am Runner Five, and I am being trained to be a runner for the Abel Base Camp. Each day looks like this:

  • 10 minute warm-up walk
  • 1 minute of walking, 15 second run – x10
  • 10 minute free form run (run or walk as much as you like)

The characters are really interesting. I am especially a fan of Sam, who is the dispatcher. He was romantically involved with the old Runner Five who has recently passed.

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Holiday Squat-A-Thon

My friend convinced me and a few others to do a 30 day squat challenge this month. I thought why not? My roommate got on board to. So there is squatting all around.

Day : Squats

1:20 2:25 3:30 4:35 5:40 6:45 7:50 8:55 9:60 10:rest 11:65 12:70 13:75 14:80 15:85 16:90 17:95 18:100 19:100 20:50 21:55 22:60 23:100 24:65 25:70 26:100 27:rest 28:80 29:85 30:90 31:100

I have also decided to do the same amount of crunches.

So far so good. The first day of the challenge was the day of my first tabata class, so ended up doing well over my scheduled amount. I’ve managed to keep it up over the past few days. I’m glad I decided to do this. I need something to motivate me to keep active, since I haven’t been doing much exercise wise until very recently.

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Tabata for the Win!

Last night my BFF sent me a text telling me that I had no choice but to attend the tabata class at the rec centre the following morning (today). I dutifully obliged. Waking up at 9:30 on a Saturday seemed manageable… and it was. I actually woke up at 9:15 (pretty impressive for me).

I met her and another friend at the rec centre this morning. We happened to run into some family friends who had just finished a boot camp class. They definitely freaked me out a bit about the class. These ladies are very fit and they both kept going on and on about how hard tabata classes are.

It ended up being pretty manageable. It was more of a core tabata class. I think that traditional tabata classes are probably a lot more difficult. I actually enjoyed it, and generally didn’t have to resort the the easier options. I guess I am stronger than I look.

Being December 1st, it was the first of our weight-loss coffee challenges. I ended up losing 9lbs since we first started the challenge. Hopefully I can keep it up and win next month too. But January 1st will be a lot more challenging. There is going to be far too much drinking and eating of deliciously bad for you foods.

Starting: 240
Current: 216
Goal: 140

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Weekend Away

Somehow, I managed a sneak away this weekend. I had originally wanted to go Black Friday shopping, but that didn’t work out as nobody else had the day off. But I used the day to finish my section of a group project. It’s so nice to get things done and out of the way.

I ended up going down to the states with a bunch of my close friends. We stayed at my friend’s cabin (technically a trailer) in Maple Falls. It’s always nice to escape down there, but that usually means a lot of drinking. After a long decision process, I decided to make cider my drink of choice for the weekend. I was actually in shock as to how many points each drink was. Less than 2! I seriously checked it out about 100 times. I’m still not entirely convinced that i had it right, but all the nutritional information I could find pointed to the same thing.

We spent Saturday shopping in Bellingham. I didn’t end up finding anything worthwhile, but I’m low on funds so it was probably for the best.

I really like the Fit menu at Denny’s. It was more points than a normal breakfast of mine, but also more food. We also ended up eating at the Olive Garden. Oh my. That was dangerous. Those breadsticks! It was my first time there, but I was with a seasoned veteran who showed me the ways. Fill up on soup and take your meal home. So I ended up having Olive Garden for breakfast… and lunch too. Although I wish I would have calculated the points on the breadsticks before I ate so many.

Despite all the drinking and restaurant food, I still managed to only use my allotted weekly points. Those extra points save me every week! Hopefully I don’t have to always use them though.

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The First Weekend

It took me a little bit longer than I had hoped to get started with the Weight Watchers Point system. At least I am doing better than my mother, who hasn’t even downloaded the app yet. I finally started the program this week. Which means I am in the middle of my first weekend.

Weekends are hard. I planned out my day so I could go for Pho with my BFF yesterday. I knew that one meal was going to be about 20 points or so.

What I didn’t plan on was going to a dinner party afterwards. I tried to be good. I was actually relatively good. It’s really crazy how fast points can add up. I didn’t actually go over, but I used all of my weekly points in one day. I had a few drinks and apple crisp. Apple crisp is the devil. You’d think it would be a little bit healthy, but the points add up so quickly. Especially with a scoop of ice-cream.